Match the Hatch
Have you often been stumped on what the fish are feeding on? Would you like to be able to match the hatch? Here are some simple tips that will make your trip skunk free.

For a Skunk Free Trip...
Fly Pattern Listing
BWO Quill
BWO Thorax
Callibaetis Spinner
Chernobyl Ant
Dark Spruce Matuka
Dave's Damsel Fly
Deer Hair Cicada
Foam Ant
Gray Drake Spinner
Gray Scud
Green Drake Cripple
Green Drake Emerger
Green Drake Spinner
Green Drake Thorax
Griffith's Gnat
House & Lot Variant
Jaren's PMD Emerger
Olive Bead Head
Olive Stimulator
Olive Wooly Worm
Royal Wulff
Rusty Spinner

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Step by Step - Pale Morning Dun
My FlyBox
Step 1 cover the shank with tying thread and attach the hackle fibers to make a table.   Step 2 spin a little dubbing on the tying thread and form a slim body.   Step 3 hold a section of turkey flat in your left hand and take a few turns of tying thread of the wing to anchor it to the hook shank.
Step 4 make a few turns of tying thread before and after the wing to stand it up. I even take a couple of turns around the base of the wing.   Step 5 attach a good neck hackle and apply more dubbing through the thorax area.   Step 6 wind 2-3 truns of hackle in front and in back of the wing. Make a smooth head and whip finish.
My FlyBox

Step by Step
Crystal Killer
Gray Pyramid Beetle
BWO Parachute
X-Wing Caddis
Pale Morning Dun
Hare's Ear
Fly of the Month
Jaren's PMD Emerger

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