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Fish Stories - Butterfly Lake

There are short weekends and there are long, my favorites are the long ones!!! It's mid September and a rare occassion for the Bradley Family. We are all able to meet in SLC, UT for the extra long weekend. Except it was way to short!!! Andrea flew in from Nebraska with her 2 boys, I mean 3 attend the wedding of Lloyd and Eva. Glad they got hitched!!! We slipped away on Sunday to catch some small Brooke (above) and Rainbow Trout at Butterfly Lake in the Uinta Mountains. They fish here aren't the biggest, but they are sure exciting for the young kids and old farts (below to the right)!!! LOL

Gina (to the right) catches a nice Rainbow Trout on a Beadhead Wholly Bugger. She quickly released it as Andrea, Matt, Atticus OK everyone gets a hit or another fish on. The easiest way to fish the small lakes is with a casting, fly and a bubble. It is hard to get a good back cast with your flyrod...although Alex had great luck in a large grass area. If you can get a float tube, canoe or a pontoon boat in it is highly recommended. Butterfly Lake is a little small to put in, but fishing from shore is just as effective.

The Uinta Mountains are always muddy, green and full of bogs as you can see with Atticus. He only sank to his knees on this one...LUCKY!!! I have fallen in one that went up to hiney, I was walking through a pretty harmless field and there it was right in the middle. If you are ever in SLC the Uintas are must see...they have everything from Waterfalls, Lakes, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Camping and of course Fishing!!! Alex (below) took the most fish contest...that is where the fly rod comes in handy!

Recipe: Black and Grizzly Size #16-#14

Hook: Tiemco 5349
Thread: Black, 6/0, waxed
Tail: Black Maribu
Body: Peacock Hurl or Black Chenile
Hackle: Grizzly
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