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Fish Stories - Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake was so blessed this weekend it had people walking on water and big fish being caught. Sat the 7th of December was a day in the largest fish contest!!! I arrived around 10:30 to t-shirt wheather, calm winds and sunny skies. I started out using the usual, a dark Wooly Worm up front and a flashy colored fly below about 3 ft. i.e. a Leach Yarn Minnow. The bite wasn't on quite yet and so into my fly box I go. I picked the Hairless Skip Um Sally tied it below the same wooly worm. This 27" 4.5 lb. Cuttroat Trout(below to the right) took the Hairless Skip Um Sally and to the center of the Lake he headed. The photo was taken by a nice Gentleman who also offered his net. Thanks! Only one other fish was caught today around 17" with 2 other hits.

Sunday was evening fishing, small amount of clouds were moving in, temp. were cooling the perfect day even with strong north west winds and big waves. Still with 4 ft. waves, there were people walking on water today and a lot of feeding fish. Today, I also had a fish in the running for largest fish contest(below). I recommend using a size #4 Wooly Worm up front and smaller size #10 Leach Yarn Minnow below as a dropper. The fish were hitting well, but mostly about 5-10 ft. out from where the lake starts to get deeper. I like to cast up or down the shore, rather then straight out. Still it's good to mix it up!

This fish was caught with a size #4 Olive Wooly Worm which is weighted to get the big bugger to sink quicker. Retreive your flies slowly along the bottom for the best results, no need to be afraid about hooking up on the bottom(in most places on the lake, just fear the rocky areas of the lake). Right now the fish are starting to move-in with the drop in temp. For the next few weeks the fish will feed a lot more to get ready for the winter. Wahoo!!! finally we get to use flies that we can see.

Like this size #4 Wooly Worm tied with a thick layer of .030 lead. Here is the rest of the recipe below.

Recipe:     Size #04-#12
Hook: Tiemco 300 or Mustad 79580
Thread: olive, 6/0, waxed
Tail: brown or olive pheasant tail
Body: light olive leach yarn
Thorax: olive short flash chenille
Hackle: olive hackle from a bugger pack
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