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Weber River 11/29/2002
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Fish Stories - Weber River

We all met at Matt's house on 11/29/02, Dad arrives and we continue to Over The Counter for some coffee and grub. Today we're headed to the Weber River in Wanship, UT between Rockport and Echo Reservoir. It's only about a 30 minute drive out of Salt Lake City we arrive pick up our friend Jon and down to the river we head.

It is about 10:30 a.m. the temperature is around 50 degrees, sunny and no cloud cover in sight. This kind of day fish are spooky, approaching the river slowly is a must. With a day like this you may have to bring out everything in your bag of tricks to get these fish to feed. We decided to start out with a large attractor fly up front(Streamers ,Wooly Worms or Buggers) and a Glow Bug about 15"-18" below as a dropper(as shown in pic to the right). This also works well with a Glow Bug as the attractor and a small nymph below. The Brown Trout are finishing up their spawn this time of year.

Streamers and other large attractors are still hitting, but not as well as the first part of the spawn. Most fish caught today were on the Glow Bug. Although, Matt is proof that the Large attractor is still working on these aggressive Brown Trout. They're still clearing out their spawning beds so almost anything that comes into their area is considered a threat. These large trout are trying to protect the bed from predators trying to intrude. Our day was well spent as you can see although the food was scarce the fish were definitely around.

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