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Recent Fishing Trip - Fish Creek

Headed to Salt Lake City for the weekend (congrats to Mom & Dad on their 40th Wedding Anniversary), and of course to do a little fishing. It was Saturday morning and we left the house around 6:30 a.m., no reason to get there to early it is colder then you know what. Tim has been telling us about a place called Fish Creek that comes out of Scofield reservoir on the way to Price, UT. He claims he caught 30 fish the week before and the trout were breaking the surface all over the place. We had our doubts, but it turns out that Tim was telling us the truth (no fish story here). It started out slow, but when the temp hit above 30 degrees the fish came out to play!!!

There were FISH EVERYWHERE!!! (look below) We claimed that he had taken us to the fish hatchery and wondered when the Game Warden was going to show up to arrest us!!! This wasn't the case and the fish were coming to small size 22 Timberland Emergers, underneath they were taken size 22 Beadhead Zebra Midge and Glo Bugs. The top was the place to be...let your fly sit for 12 seconds and you have a fish. Counts for the day Jaren = 63 Dave = 35 and Tim = 28. Today we caught over 120 fish with the chance of about 100 more. The flies we were using were extremely small, which made it difficult to hook all the fish.

Well, Tim was right on the amount of fish at Fish Creek. We had fished this many years ago and it was nothing like today. The water was running a lot higher then, which made for some hard casting. Normally in the past having to walk a mile down river before finding a decent hole to fish too. This time the water was running low due to some repair work on the spill way. We only had to walk down from the parking lot to find a Galore of Fish!!! To the guys in the Ford Truck who camped overnight and then left as the fishing got good...should've stayed!!!

Recipe: Timberland Emerger Size #22

Hook: Tiemco 900BL
Thread: Olive, 8/0, waxed
Tail: Partridge Hackle
Body: BWO Dubbing
Ribbing: Fine Gold Tinsel
Wing: Natural CDC

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